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Vincenzo Palazzo

Hello to the Lightning and Bitcoin communities!

We're thrilled to introduce Lampo, our open-source lightning node implementation crafted meticulously in Rust. As technology enthusiasts deeply entrenched in the world of Bitcoin and its associated technologies, we noticed a space for an alternative. A space for something robust, transparent, and community-driven. That’s where Lampo steps in.

Why Lampo?

While there are renowned lightning implementations like core lightning, lnd, and eclair, none resonated with our vision for an open-source lightning node built upon the ldk. Our goal is to offer a platform that's not just driven by business needs but also by genuine innovation and community feedback.

Unique Features

Lampo boasts features like swappable APIs, on-chain data sources, and a flexible wallet system. And yes, we’re future-ready! Plans are already underway to support Fedimint, LSP, and VLS. Our dedication towards creating a powerful architecture will ensure Lampo serves all the needs of the modern lightning network community.

Join the Conversation

Determined to maintain clarity, we’ve chosen specific channels for communication:

  • Developers, join us on Zulip.
  • Community members, our Reddit community awaits your insights.
  • For technical questions and feature requests, dive into our GitHub discussions.

In Conclusion

Lampo is more than just software; it's a movement. A movement towards better, more transparent, and community-centric lightning node technology. We're excited for you to join us on this journey, contribute, question, and help us shape the future of the Lightning Network.

Stay electrified!